Where did all the pictures of Clint go?

back in august i got roughly 50 emails like this, so this is where clint went:


Clint Craig has informed us that you are using their copyrighted material without permission at http://guysthatgetmehard.tumblr.com/post/11128936736/must-be-a-little-chilly-out-cause-clints-nips, related to Clint Craig’s copyrighted photo, and we have removed the content in question.

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even though i had the permission of photographer charlie rogers to use a majority of the pics which he had taken (generally the photographer not the model holds the copyright) i never pursued the matter beyond this. shame though, clint was HOT

I recently found CLINT pics on another site - but that led me to GTGMH ! wowzers ! sooo awesome. Do you have any info on Clint? physical specs, bi? gay? str8? He is one sexy fucker and he pushes my buttons every time !!

not much info really - he’s gay and hasn’t done much modeling for awhile (that i know of anyway) - last i heard he was settled down, pusing his bf’s buttons ;)