two of my favorite sounds: a belt buckle being undone and a zipper coming down

david recently contacted me and asked a favor… seems he’d just shot his first jack off video and wanted to know if i’d post it for him. that was an easy “YES!”

it’s a short clip but his orgasm is so intense that after pumping a load that shoots all over his chest his entire body shakes

pulling over for a wank

just watch this guys balls bounce while he jacks off

bo dixon fucks ty lebeouf’s hot tight bubble butt

happy wifebeater wednesday

(i could do with the talking/commentary but it is a hot little vid)

cleaning up samuel's load

a car jacking

hot beef shooting his load

where the bears are episode 1 is amusing and cheesy, and definitely a must watch for ian fans who have ever fantasized about having him laying on top of them…

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brent bouncing his wet hairy tits after his shower

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friday after work wank time


Holy fuck.


Cowboy Load