two of my favorite sounds: a belt buckle being undone and a zipper coming down

david recently contacted me and asked a favor… seems he’d just shot his first jack off video and wanted to know if i’d post it for him. that was an easy “YES!”

it’s a short clip but his orgasm is so intense that after pumping a load that shoots all over his chest his entire body shakes

shower pound

pulling over for a wank

morning wank time

(this guy has great lips - check them out if you can stop watching him stroke his cock)

just watch this guys balls bounce while he jacks off

bo dixon fucks ty lebeouf’s hot tight bubble butt

happy wifebeater wednesday

(i could do with the talking/commentary but it is a hot little vid)

jerking off boston paul… beefy & hairy, any surprise i used to love his videos?

cleaning up samuel's load

a car jacking

sunday suck buddies

a hot wet shower fuck

hot beef shooting his load